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We Are Women, We Have Already Won

This Sunday Miss USA 2017 was crowned. To think that there was a time where I once normalized this absurdity is odd to say the least. Beauty pageants are the slave trade of the female mind. The most evolved golden cage. The politicizing and capitalizing of the female form.

Just striving to become a contestant in a beauty pageant is enough to make someone forego their responsibilities as an individual. To win a beauty pageant is to be crowned as being the most accepting of the golden cage society has put us in. To win is to have been determined the one who was able to accept, adapt and change drastically to satisfy superficial European beauty ideals. It is to be the slave who gets to live in the master’s house.

Those who attempt to satisfy these unattainable ideals never fully live up to them. Since, the ideals are ever changing and always up to those who are deemed worthy enough to judge for the time. Ironically, often times, those who judge are usually either always falling short of meeting these ideals or never had to abide by them to begin with. To strive to meet these ideals is to live with the never-ending feeling of failure. We age, times change. To put the primary focus of our lives on beauty is to be destined to be a slave. Whether it is to live in the master’s house or in the field matters very little. In the end of it all, a slave is a slave and a slave that is doing well will never do as good as any being who is free. The problem with society is that many young women grow up enslaved never knowing that freedom is even possible. That rather than voting for a misogynistic government and passively hating each other out of competition we can choose to declare ourselves winners.

We are women, we have already won.

She who wins the pageant serves as the example other women should look up to. But why? Why do ‘they’ want us to idolize materials, our features and remain likeable and docile? Beauty standards only enslave those who follow them. Beauty pageants not only praise those who follow them, but create a competitive nature for women. Stripping us of the comradery that boys have as a default. I have always been jealous of that comradery. Because of this fact, I was always the tomboy growing up. However, a tomboy who grows up to be a free thinking women is often labeled a women hater. We must be able to tell the difference between hating female culture and other females. We must know in our hearts that this culture was created by a misogynistic society so that we can be easily controlled.

I have learned to find likeminded females who go against the chains we have been predisposition to wear. Women who do not fall for the sunk cost fallacy trap. Because it has always been this way, doesn’t mean it has to continue to be this way. Hate the slave masters, never the slaves and free those who can still be saved.

We are women, we have already won.






  1. Darie.T

    “To win is to have been determined the one who was able to accept, adapt and change drastically to satisfy superficial European beauty ideals.” I absolutely agree with this! Women shouldn’t be competing against each other but as humans we should be striving to encourage and empower each other ! If some women put as much effort into helping other less privileged women as they do into these pageants the world will truly be a better place and that’s something they should feel proud of for achieiving

  2. Darie.T

    People have become to materialistic and these pageants just encourage it…they’ve even been indoctrinating it into young girls!

  3. This is such a great post. It’s funny how we are so conditioned we fail to recognize what is really going on. Thank you for showing me another aspect of how we tear each other down instead of build each other up because we have been conditioned to believe this is just normal. It’s anything but normal. We need to empower each other and support each other. We have already won.

    • Thank you Elizabeth! There are so many things that we do and see daily that we do not realize are against us. I think we are growing to evolve to not only see them, but change them and it’s a great time to be a woman. Here for the second wave of our revolution.

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