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When was the last time you left yourself alone?
To know what rumbles inside you, rather than around you.
We pride ourselves on knowing so much more than our neighbors.
Yet our own thoughts are jumbles of information.
Trapped wavelengths bouncing back and forth disturbing our inner peace.
We lost the art of being alone.
Even when we have to shit and forget our phones, we are faced with anxiety.
We are addicted to being better than and create a cage in our own lives then forget how to live it.
When was the last time you left yourself alone?


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  1. sunaholic

    hey, i love your blog! i just started mine and was wondering if you had any feedback i would be stoked to hear it! i’m looking forward to more of your posts! ☼

  2. You are so true on this post. We regret to leave ourselves alone. We are so consumed in doing other things instead of focusing on us! Forget everything and turn off the phones, tablets, and iPods. Embrace a great book, a walk through nature. Do anything your heart yearns for!

  3. Lynne

    I just cannot be without something in the quiet and you hit the nail on the head regarding anxiety I have when I forget my phone in the bathroom. Sad… you put something in front of my face I know I (still) need to work on.

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