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It Didn’t Just Happen Overnight

It didn’t just happen overnight

It wasn’t all of a sudden that the word zernone lost its taste
Or that the sound of a deep E on the bass stopped looking like a purple sunset
Or that the number 33 lost its roundness in touch
Now the word zernone, the sound of a deep E and the number 33 are just that
On the occasions that I feel numbers and sounds give out a hue there is no one to tell
Adults cannot be bothered with imagination or synesthesia

We envy it in others who are in resemblance in age and shun their thoughts away
And when it is not envy, we congratulate their difference
Then follow through with imitation
And through this imitation we take away the purity of their perception of the world
We have allowed the world to take away our personal wonder by taking it for granted Then follow through by taking it away from others

Sitting is the new smoking
We sit all day then cannot be bothered to move
Our bodies don’t know what moving is after a while
Our brains can only be used to perceive after a while
Our hearts can only be reasonable after a while

Some of us take drugs, move to Brooklyn
And feel superior for attempting to hold on to our childhood
When trying to hold on is a surefire way to lose it
We must be able to walk away from it and walk back whenever we please
Learn where it is like we learned how to walk back home from school
For the very first time

Children don’t need to work so hard to remain
They just are
They just see, smell and feel things as the world is given to them
And they notice just to learn
They don’t notice to get ahead
And they don’t make friends in order to market themselves
They don’t question whether the purple hue is the best color for the deep E
It just is

It didn’t happen overnight
We slowly stopped paying attention to ourselves
We started drinking even though most of us didn’t like the taste
Because drinking “loosened,” us up
When the truth is that most of us drink to be ourselves
If more of us had the guts to be truthful I’m sure others would feel free to do it too
Truthful people are the everyday heroes of the world

It didn’t just happen overnight
We slowly kept walking with the times
Some of us never bothered to put breadcrumbs down by our path
Because our horrid past told us there was nothing there for us to go back to

Sitting is the new smoking
So on many occasions I get up and stumble back without the breadcrumbs to guide me
And when frustrated and lost, I remind myself that a child just is
They just are
Who cares how I get there?
But with this new knowledge of the world
I’ve been going back

It doesn’t just happen overnight



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  1. I really enjoyed this. Great use of repetition. I loved the line “Truthful people are the everyday heroes of the world”, and the concept that sitting is the new smoking…very interesting.

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