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Family Ties

Live your truth
Break the cycle of abuse
Wink and sip on that metaphorical tea when you hear passive aggressive comments
And give it right back to them
Know who loves you
Know what love is
Teach yourself what love is
Because it’s never too late to learn about the foreign concept of love
Follow the love
Find your tribe
Love your tribe
Let your tribe love you back

The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb


Instagram: @quartervida 
Twitter: @quartervida
Photo: Princess Nokia


  1. “teach yourself what love is”
    I love that part. It suggests loving yourself first. One of the most important things to learn in my opinion. Love.

    • Thank you Sylveran! That’s exactly what I meant by that part. Loving yourself is the first step and it is never ending work. ❤

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  3. Vesna Radanovic-Kocic

    Poetry is a beautiful way to confront your emotions.

  4. Ohmz

    Sometimes people need to identify and define their own version of what “love” is. Love is a powerful word by itself and does attach in so many ways.

    • Very true, We need to find our worth first. Then love ourselves, figure out what is the love we deserve then look for and accept that love.

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  6. This is now the tune of today.
    So relevant, so true.

    It’s so often that we are torn between what’s expected of us
    or what we’ve been unconsciously programmed to believe.

    Thank you, Quarter Vida.
    Powerful message.

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