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Wobbly Trees

Done with wobbly tree yoga poses in front of scenic views by marketing girls who claim they want to change the world.

Done with the blind leading the blind.

Done with the words fierce, boss and sister being used by women who although they believe in female equality with our male oppressors don’t fully understand what sisterhood is. By women who rather than wanting equality among all women decide to make themselves “boss bitches”. Women who use the word sister to take credit for other females’ knowledge and skill without permission.

Done with the world of all tell and no show. Where those self-appointed “leaders” of our feminism use well-placed images to tell a story they are unable to tell with their actions. Who spend their lives making the cage society gives us look pretty then use that as leverage against other women with the misuse of the term feminism. When in reality all they want is power. Who teach young girls that rather than spending their time getting out of the cage, they should live in it and make it pretty. It is freedom in the form of acceptance and surrender.

Done with women using our personal failures and insecurities to appear humble. Rather than just wanting to share out of love, growth and bonding. Like announcing to the world every time you give a dollar to a homeless person.

Done with the word humble being used by those who are in no way, shape or form humble in life or even in the moment they choose to use the word itself.

Done with art and charity events whose sole purpose is self-promotion.

Done with the word creativity being used as an act of rebellion. Creativity is in all of us, it is universal. The only time creativity is an act of rebellion is when you open eyes and turn bodies that were once facing walls of ignorance. What you did over the weekend although expressed creatively is not an act of rebellion. It is an act of self-indulgence.

Done with the self-absorbed who market their sickness as determination and motivation. Always on the defensive, always imposing, always thinking they are superior, always using sisterhood as a tool for getting what they want, always using the words “success” and “hard-working” to cover up the cracks, always arrogant, always networking, always talking about the self, and always making it about the self. Crossing boundaries when they claim to be breaking boarders.

Done with our value and worth being placed on how good we are at marketing. When all that we do is for an image, the image of ourselves begins to deteriorate. Who are you when no one is watching?


  1. Vesna Radanovic-Kocic

    Excellent, Ana. I am not sure what prompted it, but might use it in my class on language and culture.

  2. That’s a truthful summation of the hippocratic way of sisterhood being spread these days. It’s appalling to find backstabbers in the garb of the women empowering figures. Keep spreading your message.

    • Yes, your words are so powerful. I refuse to associate myself with foe feminists now that I know better from experience. Live has been great and I am able to focus on the truth and real ways to help other women without the ego getting in the way.

      • You’ve laid the path for true sisterhood. The truth that you spread today shall one day become the practice & I await that day when we can celebrate real sisterhood 👍

      • I hope so. I see you are as well. Hoping that our daughters grow up in the world of sisterhood we imagine.

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