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Sad Songs With Upbeat Tempos

I’ve met many sad songs with upbeat tempos.
Dancers follow them to the floor wherever they go without knowing what they are moving their feet and shaking their bodies to.
The truth gets lost whenever there is loud music playing.
But I have always been one to listen to the lyrics first.
What am I dancing to?
Would I be happier dancing in bliss than knowing the truth?
Would the player of the song rather me listen to their character or dance to their personality?
Maybe they don’t know that some of us are listening.


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  1. Lovely poem and true as well. The sadness of a lyric, only a poet can tell. For Sad Songs With Upbeat Tempos, somedays make me feel more lost than even before.

  2. very true, I told my daughter’s years ago that music has to mean something, it has to encourage life; it’s a money world filled with following people. I listened to some of my daughter’s music, now in their thirties, their music is good, gives me hope.

  3. Sometimes the clash is intentional … how about ‘Fixin to Die Rag’ by Country Joe & The Fish? Best anti-war song ever because it’s so jaunty!

  4. Interesting post. As a songwriter myself I always try to match the feeling of the music with the lyrics. I think that some songs are badly written this way, in that they might have great music and/or great lyrics, but they do not match emotionally. But also music, like life, is a complicated thing, and you can have well written songs with an upbeat feel that are sad, or indeed any other combination.

  5. If the lyrics of a song doesn’t have truth; then by definition the song is already sad! I like songs from all genres, but it’s the lyrics that makes it a good song; not the artist!

    For the last few years I’ve been playing music at work for everyone, there’s even theme nights; throw back Thursdays… and others. It doesn’t even matter what genre they prefer; good lyrics is good lyrics… that can break down barriers!

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