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For Us, For Them

My parents and long time boyfriends parents both came from dictatorships. They came to this country for a better life. When you are shaking in your sleep on the verge of tears and hear Trump supporters outside of your walls celebrating, fear feels like something you have to make friends with. I don’t want to become my parents who lived in so much fear that even once they moved to the U.S it was hard to talk about the past. Worried that someone might be listening and make them disappear. Straightening their hair to cover up their blackness in hopes of not being noticed. I do not want to and refuse to live my life that way. I will not be living in fear although it seems that now more than ever I will be living WITH it.

America was always the girl who passively bullied us in school. Made us feel like we weren’t good enough and taunted us for the things we could never control, but would always say it was a joke or cover it up with banter. Now she is armed and it is obvious that she never did like us. The opportunity here is that now we get to fight back. No more hiding or thinking we are delusional for feeling hurt by her. We KNOW she hates us and how she is trying to ruin our lives. Our next step is to fight the bully. Because they never wanted guns for protection.


This Thanksgiving please take the time out if you are unable to go there yourself to donate to The Standing Rock Sioux so that they may fight The Dakota Access Pipeline. Water is life. Now more than ever we have a chance to stop history from repeating itself in more ways than one. Here’s how you can help!

Sign the petition:

You can do that here and here.

Send Supplies:

The Sacred Stone camp has a fairly comprehensive website that includes current needs. Checks, cash or supplies can be sent via mail to: Sacred Stone Camp, P.O. Box 1011, Fort Yates, ND 58538, or 202 Main St., Fort Yates, ND 58538. There’s an Amazon wish list here.


Sacred Stone Camp GoFundMe

Sacred Stone Legal Defense Fund

Sacred Stone Camp Supply List

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t let the irony of this be missed as in this universe when we don’t pay attention to history it always has a chance of repeating itself. Everything happens for a reason, there are no coincidences. Because at the end of it all we are all a series of multiplying cells. Each generation is an experiment in the advancement of humanity. How much are we willing to help each other move forward so that we all move forward as a species? Don’t let your reason on this earth be put to waste. Move forward, we already know what happened in the past and it isn’t pretty.


  1. Too many emotions to put into words except to say: very very very well expressed i.e. maximum feelings via minimum words (if that makes sense). My heart hurts with yours.

  2. It’s a phase. It will pass. Do not worry. Sit it out. The man’s a sham. Desperate people look for instant solutions and pick tyrants because they are so plausible.

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