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Spring is here. For most of us that means that our coats will finally be put away. Flowers will start blooming and we will have to start shaving regularly again.

Another great thing about the spring is National Poetry Month. It is only natural that it is during the spring. A time of renewal and appreciation.

For the first time ever I will be featuring poems submitted by you for the month of April. If you would like to submit a poem to be chosen to appear on the site please submit the link or poem on the contact form here. A few will make it on a special post during the month of April.

This year I am also asking for your help in choosing the poems I will feature on my Instagram for National Poetry Month.

If you have any favorite pieces I have written in the past in mind please feel free to let me know by filling out the contact form on the site or commenting on my Instagram @quartervida with the tittle or link you’d like me to share.

To a great start of the Spring!

Painting by Zarah 


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