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National Poetry Month

It is because of poetry that I am now able to use writing as a platform to share my experiences and in turn learn more about the world around me and the beautiful people in it. From the time I was able to read and write I have been obsessed with doing both. Poetry also opened up the world to me as a performer starting off with spoken word soon after dance and singing. I owe a lot to this art form.

Join me on this National Poetry Month!

For the month of April I will be posting some of my most popular poems and prose on Instagram chosen by you. You, who thought the years I have also become a fan of.

Thank you for sharing your experiences and becoming part of it all. I not only got some great recommendations on which pieces to post, but I also learned that one human experience can connect with so many others from around the world. One experience can be interpreted differently to mean something as profound as it’s origin story.

Not only was I able to connect on a deeper level with you all, but I also received some amazing reading recommendations that have expanded my self- awareness. Some I have yet to get to. But will do so very soon.

To see which poems made it follow me on Instagram @quartervida. I will be sharing your favorites through the month of April.

Always Grateful,

Ana J.






  1. Yea… I shall follow you. Great to hear. I am doing a month long post too on my blog for it. It shares to facebook and twitter.

      • I see people getting a lot of likes on there for that… I got to build up my following. Still aiming to work/collab with you too if you are still down. Well since I know you are there, I will be supporting. Keep doing your thing. 🙂

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