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Ask the universe and it shall give, but be careful what you wish for….


This morning I asked the universe for an extra 5 minute delay on my train ride. My morning commute consists of me getting on the train, sitting down and going off into a half awake half asleep trance for my 40 minute commute. I always open my eyes one stop before my destination.  I am fully aware of my surroundings while my mind and body rest. When I am tired I would like for the train to stop for an extra 5 to ten minutes so that I can rest a little longer. I am not implying in any way that I have super powers, but for the last two times that I have sincerely not wanted, but asked this from the universe it has happened. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. Today I once again asked for those extra five minutes of rest.  Between 103rd street and 96th street the train was delayed for 7 minutes. In those seven minutes I began to think of all the wishes we as humans make every day subconsciously.


The trick is not in figuring out how to get what you want. The trick is in knowing what you want before you rub the magical genie lamp that is your mind.  When you know what you want the rest is 60% work 40% manifestation.  A common example is going to college for a specific degree and realizing that our purpose in life is not what we have been putting all of our time and effort into all these years. We need to figure ourselves out first, and then we must figure out what we desire out of this life in the process. The final step is taking the necessary actions to achieve that goal. When we skip those steps we begin to live someone else’s life.


(This guy doesn’t even know what books are for, yet he just graduated)

If you take steps to a goal that you do not truly want, you are feeding your ego. When you feed your ego, you end up getting what you wished for, but not exactly what you need. I know someone who drinks senna dieter’s tea almost on a daily basis, because as this person has said before, they do not have the “will power” to eat healthy and exercise. Although her goal of becoming skinnier is being achieved the long term effects of drinking senna is the inability to control your bowls. Thus if this person continues to feed her ego she will get exactly what she wants. In a couple of years she will not have a choice but to be skinny as she will also have no choice, but to wear a diaper. She has asked subconsciously to become skinny without putting in the work, therefore in the future she will be forced to trade her health for her weight and will no longer be desirable as someone wearing a diaper in her early 30’s. This also will prove that nothing in life is free. Even if the work is knowing yourself which is one of the most essential and difficult things, effort  must be put into your life in order to obtain something substantial.


(way sexier than having any womanly curves??) 

As the train began to move I craved for another five minutes to be added to my commuter rest. But that would have made me late for work and wishes should never turn into regrets. That would be the equivalent of you punching yourself in the face.



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  2. EDP

    In this day and age, the younger generation is taught that no matter what amount of work they put in, too little or too much, they are rewarded. It’s all the kids standing on stage with soccer and baseball “participation” medals alongside the kids who practiced day and night to get the MVP. Pretty soon, the NBA will no longer award just MVPs, but everyone else playing too because it’s “unfair” that those who didn’t practice hard enough didn’t get anything besides a paycheck.

    No one will understand the meaning of hard work anymore. Everyone will want to feel entitled to everything. It’s like the idea of karma. The universe does not owe you anything for being nice to another person, that’s just being a decent human being. It’s putting in the work that matters, but every day children are being taught that they deserve everything for accomplishing something with a tiny impact.

    • Thank you for reading and sharing your opinion EDP!! I agree with you 100%. Also, what people fail to understand is that asking the universe for something simply means knowing what you want deep in your heart. Knowing alone is hard work that many fail to strive towards. Maybe that child is not interested in sports. Instead of awarding him a participation medal that child should be shown other interest in which he/she will be fulfilled in. Or it could be a matter of just working hard.

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