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Body Permitted

Reserving our bodies solely for sex is over-sexualizing
We are emotionally and on occasion physically naked
In front of our lovers, relatives and friends
We understand our bodies serve a purpose
As we understand that clothing sometimes doesn’t
At times when I wear jeans I know that my legs are in a prison
Being punished for a crime they did not commit
It is then not about how sexual our bodies are but how comfortable we are with it
How comfortable we are in it
How we all have abs under the belly fat
But carving it out won’t necessarily make them more useful
It will only make you feel more comfortable to show it
Because it will make you look wanted
Forcing your body to become dependent on the gaze of others
Regardless of how useful you know it is
A body
Paying for a crime it did not commit

  Body Politics 


Art by Carol Rossetti



  1. Hi QuarterVida. Some bodies are not suitable for public display mine is a fine example. This is why I enjoy my imagination and writing is my life! Few may read my creations in words! But it keeps me sane and a alive. These are crazy times and the chatter increases of the approaching end times! So I take one day at a time. Hope you are well and thank you for liking “Rumours!” Is the pattern the weather is taking really a natural phenomenon? Be Safe and Well. #TheFoureyedPoet.

    • Thank you!! I agree, it is up to the individual as to what they do with their bodies. Hopefully we use the chaos around us to build a better world.

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