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The Most Important Part of the Story Is the Piece You Don’t Know


All the little things in life are made better with eye candy. Whether you are watching a movie or watching a singer or just people-watching; it is always made better when you are able to look at someone who is pleasing to the eye. Did you notice the pattern there?

Eye candy is only important when you are watching with your eyes.  However, with the expansion of visual content nothing is sacred. I remember when I would listen to music without knowing how the artist looked or who they were dating. I would look at a painting or read a book without the need to dig into the author and artist’s personal life. This need for visuals and judgment has spread into all aspects of love and passion.


We are becoming less and less capable of seeing with our mind’s eye. I wonder if anyone would have listened to Gandhi, Buddha, The Dali Lama , etc.,  if they were attempting to spread their wisdom today. Would they be attractive enough for their voices to be heard? Would their unorthodox lifestyle make it difficult for us to listen to the wisdom they have to share? We see this issue with everything, not just those with a strong perspective on the world around them.


When the Spurs won the NBA championship I was rooting for the team and excited for their victory. I got comments from many women such as, “why are you rooting for the Spurs? Tony Parker cheated on Eva Longoria?”  First of all, I do not know if this is true. Second of all, why should I not root for a team who has a great coach and clearly have love for the fundamentals of the game? Because one of the players supposedly cheated on his ex?  It’s like how some bandwagon World Cup fans were cheering for the team with the “cutest” players.  Sometimes I do wish that we went back to a time with blurry television screens and less gossip sources.

When I love a band or artist, I make it a point not to dig in too deep. Sometimes it’s best to let their words, music, painting, etc. speak for itself. Art exists for a reason. It exists to express a part of the human spirit that would otherwise remain hidden. When we as humans are great at something,  I liken it to having a sixth sense. To an NBA player, the ball and the court are like phantom limbs that extend from their abilities and passion. The same goes for a guitar player, any professional athlete, singer, writer and so on.  Their phantom limbs are the guitar, their voice, a pen…


Just as you can tell when someone is a natural, you can also tell when it is something they do for show-and-tell. Thanks to the explosion of mass media, it is difficult to love art for art and not for the show-and-tells.  The sad part is that some people cannot tell the difference, even if in their heart they know it to be true.  Just like ten years ago when many people had the pressure to become doctors and lawyers, now many feel pressured to become artists. How ridiculous it is to think that one must be pressured to become an artist!


Everyone is an artist. One of my closest friends told me on Saturday, “art is like shit.”  It is in all of us, just waiting to come out at the right time. You must do what comes natural. Art that is forced will be lacking much needed substance.  It might even make you sick. Or is it that you are sick to begin with that you feel the need to force that shit out?



  1. annabethsstudio

    I do see the eye candy in everything that goes around. I do think that it will be here forever and because us as humans are so visually drawn to everything, we will go for the more appealing side of things. It takes a lot of practice and self discipline to understand that yet not care about it.

  2. What a challenge – do I like what I like because it is good and pleasing and honest or because it’s pretty? I’ve been finding as I grow that the people and places I love are beautiful because I love them, not the other way around.

  3. Smudgey Paw

    Well said. I often find myself in conversations where I’m defending someone, sometimes even someone I don’t like, because I disagree with the personal politics they bring into the scenario. To each his own on why or why not to like someone, but credit should be given where it’s due. Great piece 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂 I find that my opinion on this is not often well received, but it has to be said. We live in a society that does not give credit where it is due and it’s difficult to see truth in much.

  4. Gave me a lot of food for thought. Really enjoyed your blog today. I find that as I grow older I grow more comfortable and patient within myself. This allows me the luxury to sit with effort, and untrain myself from the gravity of pretensions surrounding us. There is joy in finding beauty in the unloved. It is much more gratifying than the rush to judgement.
    Great provocative post 🙂

    • Thank you for continuing to read my blog 🙂 I do find it more gratifying to find beauty in the unloved. Just because something or someone doesn’t cry out for attention does not mean that they do not need it.

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  6. Ah, nailed it. This is so absolutely true. Thanks for the like on my post, “For the Love of the Dream”, so that I could find your great blog!

    • Thank you Jordan! I am glad I was able to express that. It has been bothering me for some time, but up until now I could never put it into words. Great writing btw 🙂

    • Thank you Deirdre! Being a critical thinker is a very important tool. It’s amazing that your sons are learning this from you.

  7. Faith Gradwell

    I love your post, its very well written! It is amazing indeed how the world judges how great the artist is based on their looks & how much they fill the gossip columns instead of the actual work/talent. I have also gotten into the habit of separating the work from the artist, afterall their personal life is theirs and none of my business. Obviously we all hope for an artist to be of good character but then again, where does one draw the line. If someone is good at what they do then that’s that regardless of their lack of dress sense, 6-pack etc..
    Love your blog:)

    • Thank you Faith! 🙂 It’s beautiful when I am able to connect with others who see the same things in society. It truly is something we should all work on and we need to pay more attention to the art, not the artist image.


    Unfortunately, mindfulness is trying to set itself free from our clutches because we do not allow it the flexibility, the breathing required and hence we usually end up with what all you have written. Very nice composition.

  9. Hi. I came across your blog just a few minutes back. Some of your posts are definitely things which i want to write about often. Especially this one. Your writing and style is beautiful. This is one of those things i want to scream at people sometimes. This is really perfect. Cheers.

    • Thank you! Thats amazing to hear. We need more people willing to express views that we rarely hear. I will check out more of your work 🙂

  10. Terrific piece.
    I agree the visual overload is detrimental. Me, I use Spotify and rarely go to youtube for music listening. I don’t want to see the video. I prefer hearing and making the images from the song in my head. We won’t talk about what the Alligator Lizards from “Ventura Highway” look like to me.
    My regards and congrats on the EP.

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