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I Never Learned to Blow a Bubble and Other Things I Never Learned to Do


This summer I plan on going hiking, camping and exploring. Although I am well-traveled I have never driven a car. This year I will finally get my license. I never saw a reason to have a license in the past since owning a car in Manhattan requires a six-figure salary to avoid struggling with rent. But now that I am old enough to rent a car I see myself traveling almost every weekend.


I also recently learned how to swim. At least I think I know how to. Okay, I am learning to. Many people who grow up in the inner city do not learn to swim. The pools are always crowded in the summer and most of us never had enough money to travel, so being in a large body of water is something that occurs three or four times every 365 days.


(No Diving. No swimming. Only soaking)

All of these things that I was unable to learn for one reason or another I now have to learn. Swimming, driving, playing an instrument… and the list goes on. I will not live my life being comfortable with not knowing.  After you have mastered the art of putting a roof over your head, clothes on your back and food in your belly there is no excuse as to why you should not learn to do the things that will allow you to grow.


( …. or Jr.High, High School, even College)

My goal is to be fully independent. By independent I do not mean  being able to pay for all of my expenses. I am 25 years old living in a 1st world country, I think I can handle that. I am grateful to be able to handle that without any financial support.  My definition of true independence is of the heart, mind and body. Meaning that if I am by myself I will be able to survive any outcome. No, I am not prepping for the zombie apocalypse, I just want to know that if I was ever thrown into the hunger games I would come out on top, or at least make it very far. Although not all of us can come out on top, we should all strive to. We should all see our personal growth as a life or death circumstance. It is your life, after all.


(Maybe this fish is just irritated by the other fish.. bad example?)

I never learned to blow a bubble, but that’s not useful and I rarely chew gum, so I don’t think I ever will. Part of being excited to start your life is being able to prioritize. It takes work  to get to where you want to be. I never learned to do a lot of things, but my list of goals is long and it only gets longer the more I think about the future.

In order to keep this list concise I constructed what I call the “Daily Me.” It is a list of things that take up to an hour a day to better myself. The list includes meditation, exercise, practicing the bass and writing music, among other things. Some days I am able to complete the list, other days I am not able to do anything. However, I see myself improving every week. Every couple of weeks I tweak my list. I have noticed that some things become second nature to me. They become just another part of my daily life. I do not drop the list completely once this happens; I just add more things to that list. Soon enough the list of things I never learned to do will be a list of things I have crossed off.

Mostly everyone sees a ladder in their minds eye when thinking of their goals.  What the ladder leads us to is the person we imagine ourselves being and each step is a different goal.

However not a lot of us know that it is our job to create that ladder.





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