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Rain is Important and Buddha was a Man


In one day someone stole a large amount of money from my savings account, I spilled juice on my work keyboard and was swamped with 3 jobs that take days to complete.

Of course I was angry that I was having a horrible day, but I was also having a horrible day because I was angry.  The fraudulent transaction clouded my mind and in turn created a snowball effect of rage. I was unable to concentrate on my work and in doing so fumbled my drink and spilled it on my keyboard.


At one point my entire life was a never ending horrible day. I began to work on myself and eventually those horrible days turned into something that happens once a week, then bi-weekly, then monthly.  Now, these horrible days only occur once every couple of months.  I have learned the value of calm.

When I was younger I would blame myself for these fumbles. Now I understand that it is perfectly fine to feel anger, even when it causes you to mishandle your life. However, you cannot get upset for letting something bother you to begin with.  I understand that my reactions were not the most mature, but I also do not blame myself for it. Self-blame and guilt will only cause more of these days to happen.


(You are the only one with the ability to  pin the needles)

Life is a double edged sword. Passion does not stop at happiness and gratitude. Although we confine it as much as possible in today’s modern world, the passion will spill into other areas of life, such as discomfort. Days like this are part of life. You must not feel grateful for the rain, because of the rainbows that appear after. You must feel grateful for the rain itself.  And much like anger, there is a reason for its existence. Rain is important.

Buddha was also a man. He taught contentment, not happiness. If you search for ecstasy you will have to pay the price.


(Picture of  friends, Isaac and Jessica enjoying the rain, taken a few summers ago)

The very next day the money was restored, I changed my keyboard out because the letters M, N and B were jammed and I completed most of my projects.

A reason why I was able to end the cycle was because the night before I thanked the universe for two things. I thanked the universe for allowing me to live another day and I thanked the universe for allowing days to end.

And I thought to myself… what a wonderful world.


(The world map in  formed by rain)


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