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This is the Way I Was Created…With Tiny Chubby Hands.


Years ago I finally had enough money to buy myself a bass. My fist obstacle was the fact that I barely had time for myself with full time school and work. However, I managed to get some practice in. My second obstacle was not having an actual space to practice in. When I lived with my parents I lived in a place of constant chaotic noise. Now that I have a place of my own and a little more time I am able to finally pick up by bass and practice. Although I have had it for a couple of years now I am a complete beginner.  As of now all I have is my special way of remembering notes.




Grey goose

( I actually believe that  Most Assholes Drink Grey goose, but M notes do not exist )

Now that I no longer have an excuse as to why I shouldn’t be learning the bass I have come to one I cannot change. And for the life of me didn’t  know why I hadn’t made this excuse up until now.

Watching talented bass players on stage, I look down at my hands and realize how chubby they are.

This is the way I was created… with tiny chubby hands.


(not actual hands)

My fingers can barely wrap around a toy instrument like the ukulele. Sorry guys, but I have no respect for tiny instruments unless you are a tiny child.  Even I Ms.Tiny Chubby Hands cannot understand the fascination. Anyhow, now I realize what I have been doing this entire time. I am so afraid of failing that I have come up with excuses as to why I am not good at something that I love. I am afraid of losing my dream so badly that I have not gone full speed into accomplishing it.


(I’ve had this up on my wall for years. Its about time I pay attention) 

After creating this absurd excuse I realized what I was subconsciously doing this entire time. All of my other excuses had solutions. Now that I have no actual excuse I have made one up in which I no longer have power over. I believe I can do a lot of things, but changing the size of my hands is not one of them.


(Unless I wave my hands in front of this while it is set to reverse)

Even if my chubby hands were an excuse, it still would not be a good one. Who creates laws that allow some to do something and others not to? Why is a swimmers body the way that it is? I am sure babies are not born with long legs and short torsos and thrown into the pool. Why is it that in a family of short people when a kid plays basketball during their growth spurts they become taller? It is the science of intentions. It is the reason why great skaters are able to use their boards as a 6th sense. If you love something enough and not inhibit yourself, your body will adapt. Through evolution humans have been able to walk, hear, talk, grab..etc. Maybe the next stage of evolution is how we individually connect with our art.


This is not to say that I believe my fingers will one day become longer, but through practice I will find a way  to hold my long neck bass as if I was born with it. I just have to accept things I cannot change,not use them as a crutch.

I will no longer hide my bass. I hope that someday soon when people ask me what I do I can say that I not only write and sing, but I can also play.


( play something more than video games that is )

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