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Ballet Recitals and Soccer Practices


“Have more than thou showest, speak less than thou knowest” – Shakespear

I remember looking at these letters intently. It was written on the wall of my 7th grade English classroom by Mrs. Fein. It seemed very obvious to me at that time and even as children we like to show the world what we are made of. However, we always knew that some things about yourself are to be yours and yours alone. I grew up in the time of secret journals, boxes with locks and hidden doorways; where we understood the importance of keeping a secret that only you and you alone knew about. Now even the convicts give themselves away by posting about their latest illegal activity.

People used to practice at home and only show others what they had once they had it. Now everyone wants to announce their goals before they even have a game plan in mind. Studies show that the more you proclaim something the more you lose motivation, because the false praise from others tricks your brain into believing that you’ve already completed your goal; Thus, creating useless people. I have a motto that I use when cleaning my home and life, “If something is not useful it is useless and what do we do with useless things? We throw them away.” Yes, a person’s heart is useful too, if someone brings joy into your life that person is valuable to you. However in technical terms if they cannot contribute to the world as a whole they are useless.

We no longer show off the fact that we are talented. We just show off the fact that we are interested. If all of the great became known for simply showing interest then we would get nothing done. It is the reason why nothing is getting done, we all “pray for Boston,” and “never forget,” while we go about our daily lives. We gave a fuck, we did our job.

I do not remember or pray if there is no actual proof that I am doing something to better the quality of life of the people I care about. It is this false praise that leads us to the act of doing nothing. Doing nothing has become such a thing that we occupy ourselves with becoming Jacks of all trades and masters of none. So many skills are being learned, but no one reaches past level 2. It seems that level two is the milestone for showing off.

I have many talented friends, but it seems that we have become so “open minded,” that those who would have gotten rejected years ago, we are now being forced to listen to and support just because we happen to be part of their lives. I am constantly going to toddler’s ballet recitals and soccer practices.Just because someone can hold a tune, does not mean that their voice is something that we would want to hear, just because you have rhythm does not mean that you can professionally dance. Just because you can read music does not mean you are good at your instrument. I would not mind to have you shake it like no one is watching or singing like you’re in the shower at a party, but the moment when you not only want, but demand others to listen and support you then your talents are being put on a judging panel and it is perfectly fine to let someone know that they are not good enough to perform on stage. I am all for showing off your talents, but I am also all for perfecting them. Those who receive the false praise never perfect their talent. And guess who has to listen, everyone else.

So go ahead and perform if you wish, yes, performing feels amazing. Applause is a drug. But do it for you and you alone and do not expect those around you to support you. I suggest that you perform by yourself. Do not post or invite people that you know to “support,” you. (Unless you know that you are pretty damn good) If by any chance at the end of the performance someone that is not just interested in you sexually tells you that you are good, then you have a true fan. But, don’t go forcing people into giving you praise. Not everyone has what it takes,not everyone will like your expressions. However, everyone has something worth contributing to the world. Sometimes, your musical talents or genetics are not on that list and you have to accept that.

That, my friend is called self-esteem; it is not putting yourself on a pedestal and thinking that you are above anyone. It is accepting what you are and understanding that you are still important. This in turn will cause you to respect the hard work that others put in to get to where you want to be and motivate you to do more. You shouldn’t want the same admiration that the greats received; you should strive to be at their level in all honesty, regardless of the praise.

For those of you who disagree I will leave you with a note although bad for humanity is surely positive for you.

Ke$ha sold more albums than The Beetles.

Just a reminder to you that in my opinion I am the minority.

I will, however never forget the words on Mrs.Fein’s seventh grade classroom and refuse to go to ballet recitals and soccer practices, unless you are my child, or pretty damn good.

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