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What my parents taught me….unknowingly.


My summers consisted of video games. Parasite Eve, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider (only the beginning stage where you get to roam free in her mansion) and most of all Twisted Metal.

Every year when children were asked what they did that summer my reply was relaxed. When in fact what I actually did was finish a game, read a few books, watch a new horror movie and had my brother Henry read more stories from “Scary Stories to tell in the dark.”

There were times where I didn’t leave the house for days. My mom once came home to find my hair in a giant Bob Marley clump from not doing anything about it for so long. Needless to say the woman was furious.

This was my summer from the age of five up until the age of fourteen. Video games were so important to me that every Christmas my parents gave us each 5bucks. (Yes I was that poor growing up) My brothers and I would then put our money together in order to exchange a game for the new Twisted Metal that came out every December. I remember when I first put my money in, I was so proud of myself. Little 11 year old me was so excited to be able to play with MR. Grimm one more time and kick some ass in Twisted Metal.

My dad although we never had much money is a very frugal man. My Mom although we never had much money was never much of a hard worker who experiences slight paranoia. I do not call it a disorder. We do not call those with bad people skill to have Bad Manners Disorder or Douchebag Syndrome. People are who they are and either they change it, become it or make themselves believe that they are the person they wish to be; while others wish they actually were the person they wish to be. No matter the matter, those who are true to themselves always have many around them who love them.

As a child I wanted to be more like my dad and less like my mom.

As an adult I realized that I am a little bit of both, but I am ok with that. I am more than ok with myself.

I do not call myself frugal, but I can budget the hell out of any situation. That was something my dad taught me unknowingly.
I do not say that I am an irrational person, but I can rationally make or break anyone’s day if the mood strikes and I can spot an insincere soul from a mile away. That was something my mom taught me unknowingly.

Like both, I do not like light talk. In fact I detest it. My mom was always too serious and my dad prefers to prank people than talk about nothing. Why waste your time on this earth skimming through people when you can spend it getting to know humanity on a deeper level? The world consists of people and if you cannot understand human nature then you are doomed.

Because my parents were so different from each other I looked to my three older brothers. We stuck together. It was an unspoken bond we attained from having common enemies.

Growing up I would always hear, “wow three brothers, Are they over protective? Do you all have sibling rivalry?” My answer was not even a no. It was more of confusion. What is this sibling rivalry you speak of? This thing called over protection?

We grew up quietly, we all had the same quiet demeanor and we all knew when to leave people alone.

We also all thought that the time to leave people alone is always.

What I learned from my brothers is that self growth demands mutual solitude; that they taught me that unknowingly.

The rest I learned from TV. I can spot a plot twist and mistake from a mile away, but that is another story for another day.

What Television taught me… Knowingly.

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