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Appreciation and Contribution: Love it or it will Reject you.


I have always loved the world around me and what people have chosen to do with it. I remember being 3 years old and going into a store and thinking. “If the space is so small, why doesn’t the door open outwards, when doors open inwards there is less indoor space?” I always thought about what would make something better. Why the world worked the way that it did and what I could do to enhance it. I also thought why was it that people are so careless in making decisions on their livelihood? ; That I yet don’t have the answer for.

I also always thought that everyone else thought like me. This is something that all children believe, due to their lack of perspective and perception.
Growing up although I KNOW that others do not think this way, I still cannot UNDERSTAND it. Even now with the internet. There is so much information floating around. Why would you not want to know more? I went through a lot in my young life and I saw a lot, so I was always quiet and observant as a child. I never understood my Mother. I thought I could have raised myself better, protected myself better. I think I knew too much. I always tell people that as a baby I acted like Stewie from Family Guy and as a teenager I was Wednesday Adams.

I was always a sad child. People would come to me and pinch my cheeks and I would give them the evil eye. No matter how depressed I was I always wanted to help and understand. I always loved the world; Regardless of how it treated me. So I never saw myself as a troubled child.
I find that troubled people always try very hard to be seen. And the fact of the matter is that the only reason why they are not being seen is because they are trying too hard.

Also, if you are not an interesting person then nothing that you do is interesting. One thing that those living in New York City do not understand is that it is ok to not be interesting. So maybe your mommy and daddy told you that you were different. And yes, maybe you are. But if what makes you different is what you do, not your personality then you might as well be a boring person who at times does really cool stuff, which everyone does at some point, which brings you back to square one.

Once you have accepted yourself, then you can accept and understand the world around you. Accept it as it is. Love the rain, because it is rain, not because of the rainbows that come after it. Love it all.

Living in this world is like working closely in a company. If you love your company you will think of new ways to make it better. If you do not love your company then you will do the bare minimum in order to keep your job. The CEO will eventually notice and once the jig is up you are screwed.

That is life, If you do not love it, others will be able to tell and no matter how you try to hide it and act around it, it will show. People may be careless and selfish, but they are no idiots; they just don’t want to deal with delusional people. If you do not love life, others will notice and you will get fired. Getting fired means that you’ll be practically invincible. No one will care (other than your parents and family members, because they are obligated to give a fuck) if you break a record, have a many talents Ect. No one will care, because when you don’t love life, the intentions of everything that you do are self-serving. And if you don’t give a fuck about the world around you, the people, the places, truly, from the bottom of your heart; love it and accept it; then the world won’t give a fuck about you. No matter what you say or do. The selfishness will eventually show.But if you love life then trying to make it better will come easy for you. It will be part of who you are. You will not choose one single selfish personal cause to be passionate about, you will just be. You will be passionate about it all. But you will not be delusional, because you will know truth.

As a child I never really understood life, but I always loved it. I knew that I loved it from the moment I first began to wonder and I never stopped wondering since.

P.S. I just saw this video today and realized that everything he says I have been living by without knowing. It is natural human nature to become wise if you simply search for wisdom.

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