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Go on, just go on without them. Save yourself.

To be weak in a world where everyone must stand on their own two feet is to be selfish.  This is once again a harsh reality message from your one and only. I am always the candle that lights others around them, but I have to admit that I am no Buddha and it is in human nature that when one offers a hand their entire arm can be ripped off leaving only the feeling of what once was.

I am not stating that my arm has been ripped off in any way shape or form. But the only reason why that has not happened is, because I have my other hand to wail at those trying to take advantage. It has come to the point that both hands have become tired and must rest.

So please do your part to keep yourself alive. Don’t be the guy in the natural disaster movie with a broken leg that everyone else has to carry, even though they are striving to survive as well. Because you know what ?!? That guy with the broken leg always dies in the movie.  It is natural for others to want to save him, even though they know how much of a burden he is or even if he is yelling  at them to “just go on without me.”  It is natural human nature to try to save another… even at your own risk.

But what I have learned is that sometimes you must go on without him and leave him behind, because in the end when someone is not willing to take care of themselves that job is often given to those around them. And one has no choice but to accept the responsibility of that other person. Shit, someone has to after all.

Of course, I am speaking of those with almost the same recourses available to them. I am not saying to not help the starving child or family who cannot provide for themselves no matter how hard they try. What I am telling you is that sometimes you have to leave some behind in order to save yourself.

That is something that I have yet to learn, but am learning everyday and re-training myself to do.


From here on out, I will be leaving the person with the broken leg and nurturing both of my hands; because they have become tired from the saving.


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