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If you are being lied to it is because you are allowing others to lie to you.


If you are being lied to it is because you are allowing others to lie to you.  

That can go with just about anything. Sure, there are times when you have no control over how others behave, however if the same things keep happening to you it is because you are allowing them to happened.  The amount of control that we have over our own lives is incredible.  Every time you feel as if you are done growing, a situation and/or person will force you to either keep growing to the point where you are untouchable and absolutely nothing can control the outcome of your day or you become miserable.

The way I live my life is as follows:


Simple, right?

However some people live their lives like so:

Problem. Excuse. The feeling of being ok. Problem. Solution that cures side affects but doesn’t get rid of actual problem.  Feeling OK. Problem. Excuse.  Bliss. Problem. Excuse.

For the last couple of years I have felt untouchable.  Every year I put myself outside of my comfort zone and come out a winner.  Nothing could change my day.

 Lately, however things have been changing the outcome of my day. Changing the way I feel about myself at night. At first I was confused. Then I felt miserable, but now that I have identified the problem and done my research I am going to solve it. 

My solution is to avoid the problem. When you are around someone whose vibe simply sucks and you are the kind of person that needs to solve problems, you feel depleted at the end of the day. Sometimes the best solution is to get away from certain people.
At the end of the day, it is your fault and your fault only if you know the cause of your problems and are not able to do anything about it.

If you feel that “dealing with people” is simply too difficult then leave the planet or learn to deal.  One thing you can do is work either in retail or customer service for at least three months. Yes, work with adults that either need you or are not happy.  If you are like me and try to learn something new from every experience then you will learn a lot. If this is too much for you then either win the lottery or leave the planet. I would say become rich and famous, but one does not acquire fame by being a wimp.

One of my final phases of becoming someone who can overcome anything is getting rid of guilt.  Yes, guilt. It does not make you a horrible person if you don’t have guilt. If you are someone that lives a conscious life and is aware of others then there should be no reason why you would feel guilty.  All the time spent on guilt could go into making sure that you never feel unsure about your actions again.

 In dealing with needy people, I have learned that they will always find a way to make it about themselves and if you are honest then they will try to make you feel guilty. Luckily for me I have just purchased a lovely guilt shield. Because I should never, ever, have to feel guilty for standing up for myself no matter what the occasion. If you know that you are a sane person and trust your actions then you also know that acting “out of character,” is not something that happens to confident people.

Nothing is out of our control and we can actually be whoever we want to be, but we must first be strong.  Without strength your own character will fall apart. 

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