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Bodega: A love Letter

Organic Vegetable chips
All natural home grown freeze dried kale chips and $8 dark chocolate covered acai berries
Wandering the isles looking for fried cheese and yucca without success
Living in a city that has become obsessed
With “healthy eating”
Overpriced snacks made from once healthy ingredients
Overpriced grains taken from countries that can barely afford to eat it now
Overpriced plantains in a store that sure as hell doesn’t sell them all
Leaving them to rot without them ever knowing what it felt like to be turned into mangu


Gentrification Blues

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  1. I only clicked on “Like” because they didn’t have a “Love” button, because I loved this. Made me long for a place where the customers and the store owner and the food all live in the same place, in the same corner of the world where they know one another’s habits and characteristics, where they rub up against each other daily and gossip, and you’ve held the food in your hand often enough to feel its secrets on its skin. Where someone you love taught you to tease the flavors out of it. Damn. You making me long for warm places again.

    • Thank you! It is a feeling of home that those who haven’t experienced it will never understand. Even in the city a home can be created. You have just said some beautiful words.

  2. Thank you for your poem. Because of the friendship I have developed with a Dominican Family, I understand so much more of what you have written here. I love mangu and mofongo.

    He trabajado con diligencia el pasado año y medio para aprender español, así que tengan paciencia conmigo mientras trato de escribir en su lengua materna. Me encanta leer lo que escribes y como profesor de escritura, es maravilloso leer las palabras de alguien que reflexiona y piensa y no tiene miedo de expresarse con elegancia y honestamente.

    Dr. Martin (Michael)

  3. tmezpoetry

    hehe. Yes the tale of ‘health’ food. It is only now that we realize what lobbyists have done to that effort. Good fat is GOOD. Sugar is at the very core of so many autoimmune diseases, allergies, cancer, and inflammations. Only, we have to get our white papers outside the country of the US ti understand this because, big Pharma.

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