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Gentrification Nation

Native New Yorkers are slaves to gentrification.
We have given our blood, sweat and tears to a place we had no choice but to call home.
We have squeezed rocks under pressures of 725,000 pounds per square inch on our own.
Creating diamonds out of the last kids to get picked to play.
Only to see our “masters,” ( those with money) reap the benefits that we have worked so hard for.
Once we can no longer afford to live here, where will our next plantation be?
Where else will we be able to go and help build up from the rubble so that once we have fixed it the rich can reclaim the land we have worked so hard on?

Gentrification Nation

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  1. Routine Dreamer

    Lovely post – it totally reminds me of London! Over here, London is perceived as the ‘rich’ part of the UK. It’s crazy! The house prices are phenomenally extravagant, it’s a shame really!

      • Routine Dreamer

        So true! Although, New York will always be magical to me! I’ll blame that one on the TV shows!

  2. Oswald Leon

    As someone born and raised in Astoria, this was a lovely and honest read. Gentrification is going to eat this city alive. Actually, it already has.

    • Thanks for connecting. It’s hard to not be able to go back to the place you grew up in when your parents struggled for you to be there.

      • Oswald Leon

        Exactly. I’ve seen how people of color have worked their asses off for their community and children. To see it all go away because of transplants is heartbreaking.

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  4. Lyndsay E. Gilbert

    London is exactly the same and getting worse and worse thanks to the Nasty (Tory) Party. Good piece of writing here!

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