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Musical Waves

White noise is an ocean
It is the only sound that mimics waves in it’s most violent yet beautiful methods
While waves drown living things
White noise drown out sound
A thing must be alive before it can be suffocated
Sound is in fact a living thing
Proving that music is alive before it gives us life

It’s Alive

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  1. So very well done both by word and shutter. I have yet to get my own blog anywhere near presentable but bowing to friendly pressure from The Juice I just flung up the past few months’ one-notebook only’s-worth of words. I shall enjoy I am sure visiting your pages and making mouselike noises seeing the big wheel of cheese you proffer.

  2. Raina Petkoff

    Couldn’t resist to hit the follow button. I’m super glad that I found you. You’re words are absolutely mind boggling.:)

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