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Respect Your Personal Growth and Value Your Presence

Don’t ever feel left out
Where you are is where you belong
Your presence is better off where it is valued
Never mold yourself to the expectation of others
Don’t betray the one person who is always there for you
Don’t betray yourself
Humans are hard wired to fit shapes into it’s respective holes
Like the game all toddlers play
But the real world doesn’t always work that way
You belong where you are valued and with personal growth your value is forever evolving
Keep evolving
Respect your personal growth and value your presence

Value Your Presence

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  1. Beautiful words, and so true! We should all be on that constant journey of valuing ourselves enough to continue to become the best versions of ourselves we can be 🙂

  2. Beautiful words, and so true! We should all value ourselves enough to be improving ourselves and being the best version of ourselves that we can be. If we don’t value ourselves, others won’t.

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