1. Wow, girl! U have talent! Listening to ur song, I thought of a beat for the drums, maybe add some guitar. Anyways, if you would allow me I could do a demo with those things added. I’m not a musician, although I’m a singer, and also a producer. Keep being awesome! Take care.

    • Thank you! I am looking for band at the moment, but it is not easy finding people who want to share the spotlight and just make good music.

      • I understand! Believe me I do. I’m struggling with the same. I too am trying to find a band. I know how to make beats and write instrumentals, but when it comes to playing live, I’m not that good! I was reading in ur soundcloud that ur into metal. Thats awesome! I’m really creative when it comes to music… LOL! U can always check out my soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/michaelacesantana Take care.

      • Thanks. I will! Same here. There is nothing like Performing live, but you need a band for that. I will check it out.

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