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Poetry EP

Math ( a recipe for honesty) 
I’m finding myself adding up gut feelings with facts
Over analyzing photographs
Looking at weight change, clothing, background, and weather
Only to find that I was initially right, So rightfully wrong
Retract the information that has been sent out and see how it comes back around.
Half-truths are whole lies
And honestly, I do not mind
I do not care, or worry or fret about monogamist threats. Please, have your cake and eat it too
If told, I could have even baked it for you, shared a slice, comment and review
And next time made it more, wholesome, delicious and just plain fucking amazing
But try to have you’re pastry and eat it without me and I will close down your fucking bakery
So please, keep acting as I give more of a damn than I ought to, because you’ve just raised the price
I’ve added the detective fee, for, investigating. I’ve put it on your tab and you’ll have to pay
Even if it’s on layaway
You’ve maxed your love card with all the bullshit, you’ve been buying
All the not telling, but technically… Not lying
I’ve got news for you, I have hidden fees too
Did you forget to read the bottom line, on that contract you signed?
Because I’m in the mood for cake , that you, my friend did not bake

Blood On My Mind
Human experience is often taken away by language
Some things cannot be defined
Words can be such fuck-ups
But I’ve had blood on my mind
However, my tongue is my fists
So here I am, once again, wailing away
I wail and I wail
Often times I am skilled and meticulous
Often times, I aim for the jugular, crotch, the temple
But this wailing is unlike any other
I wail away in the dark
I have blood on my mind
I am trying to get rid of a phantom limb
I am trying to amputate that of which I cannot see, but feel
Sometimes, you have to get rid of it physically in order to clear them of your subconscious
That, my friend is how you amputate a phantom limb
You kill the source of their existence
You displace and keep at far proximity
I used to want back in your head
Now all I have is blood on my mind… but my tongue is my fists and your pain is your shield
A shield I do not wish to go near
So I wail
I wail carelessly and aimlessly
I hurt. I kill the source
Return home from a triumphant day and smile
I no longer feel what I cannot see
Both are dead to me.

You and I Do Not Exist 
If a tree falls and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
Why does a tree need validation to make a sound in the first place?
Philosophically… No, it does not make a sound, but science says yes
But I am a philosophical creature so,
we do not exist
what was once grand has become invisible
Because no one is around to hear it
No one is around to know how great I think we are
How we move like caged in tigers
close, aligned, responsive and in unison
How your face at its calmest and happiest can make my day
and how at its moments of confusion and irritation can ruin my life im-permanently
I’m playing for deaf ears and giving instructions to the blind, please read carefully
the vague-ness in my life is getting to me
like a fugitive on the run.. I’m a private person, but for once I want the world to know
that if by any chance this tree falls, that it will make a fucking sound

From Experience 
They fool you into believing your history is devilish just to keep you away from it
Then they turn around and try to master your culture behind your back
You shame our afros while you spend hundreds on volumizing shampoo
While our people sew in weaves and straighten their hair just to look like you
You shame the way we dance then learn to twerk behind our backs
Yet we are only shown when we dance behind yours
Ask your man if this dress makes your ass look fat
“Does this dress make my butt look big?”
While you spend hours squatting at the gym
Put down rap and hip hop culture, but learn a rhyme to impress your friends
“OH look at you, oh you’re so cultured.”
Pay a rapper to perform at your daughters sweet 16
We only serve as entertainment
Unless YOU want to be seen
Look down on brown people yet sacrifice your health to tan
Made fun of our less refined features yet Botox your lips just to look like this
They fool you into believing your history is devilish just to keep you away from it
Then they turn around and try to master your culture behind your back

Birthday Truth 
For your birthday I’ll give you the gift of attention
A physical spotlight so bright your eyes will blind
For your birthday I’ll give you a circular red block
So you can fill up that spot
That gapes every time someone’s credit you decide to take
I will bottle feed you with the truth and help you change out of the diapers you carry
The ones that are heavy, with bullshit that smells so strong no one dares to let you know
Your shit… Stinks
And although my parents discouraged me from telling others what they can’t see for themselves they never discouraged me from telling others how they smell.
Maybe some have grown accustomed to it
Just like we’ve grown accustomed to the stench of hot garbage
We all know it smells like shit, but it’s the dawn of summer in New York City
It’s the smell of home.
You remind us all of the 5 year old…
Of the 10 year old that hides, when they’ve been caught, but shouts just to show off
Of the 15 year old who didn’t know better and dated someone with dirty diapers
Before our senses could identify the smell of bullshit
You make us feel young in the way you pretend to not know
But in reality you make us old
When you squeak and get all of the oil
We become rusty around you
Eventually the oil handler will become rust too
Then, who will be the one to give oil to you?
For your birthday you have given yourself blindfolds
But the truth is my gift to you.
The truth is that I’m not sold.

“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, he had a great fall. And all the kings’ horses and all the kings men, couldn’t put him back together again.”
The moral of the story is to not sit on high walls
Never again will I climb blindly
These damaged goods, walking around with their cracked shells
Most aren’t even trying to get themselves together again
It is those broken beings that keep breaking us
We get our friends to try to glue us together, but like Mr. Dumpty, they never do
I am not a contractor, who holds special glue
I will not fix you, but please don’t break me
I have designed my shell to be bulletproof, but not even military technology can stop me from breaking
So as of now, I quit, you can take my white flag and use it as a veil to cover up your cracks, do what you want with it. But I quit
You win, I lose… no, you lose
I’m bailing before the sun makes an omelet out of me
Squeeze me tighter
If you cannot catch me when I fall, the least you can do is catch a hint.
I do not question your physical abilities, for I know that you are capable of the catching, but I feel it’s a conspiracy.
You see, I feel asleep in your room only to wake up on top of the highest wall and as I wake.. I fall….


      • It is gaining strength again in some places. Poetry readings and now the verbal poetry. Open doors to new fans. Especially if can read like you can.

      • Thanks! I hope so. I remember 10 years ago it was all the rage. It’s a great form of expression and anyone with the passion can develop the skills to do it.

  1. This article is quite inspiring, me being born and raised in the Lower East Side, I have always wanted to walk in the Nuyorican and read some of my work… I haven’t yet built the courage as I am extremely shy in front of strangers, but I’m highly considering it… Because I have dreams and those dreams are the sort of ones that can turn into reality. I’m going to check out the video posted here as soon as I can. Thanks for posting and inspiring. Good luck in all that you do.

    • Thank you Sammy! I have posted audio for the meantime. You should definitely go in and perform. I know that at least one Wednesday out of the month they have a poet and rapper open mic. That’s how I started. The open mics are very welcoming.

    • Thanks Taylor! Just go to where it says “add media” when you are editing a page, then click on “insert from URL” on the left hand side bar and put in the hyperlink to your soundcloud and add to post.

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