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I Choose the Road Less Traveled and Now I Do Not Know Where I Am


I never wanted to be a singer. I only wanted to sing. I never wanted to be a speaker I only wanted to speak.

Years ago I was known as a Spoken Word artist. I have not performed in a while and this time I will be singing and speaking.

We all have our mediums. Some are more vague than others. All should be respected. I would like to share my mediums with you.

They are raw and they are real. But it will be shared in a party-like setting with other amazing performers.

All mediums of expression will be displayed this Saturday. From installation art, Spoken Word, Rock, Jazz, Rap, Canvas Art, and Participatory art.

For those of you who have been following me on this journey and live in New York City or are in town this Saturday, I would love to finally meet you.

These are the times I will be performing along with the poems/song:

8 pm

Math a recipe on Honesty


9 pm

Blood on my mind (phantom limb)

Birthday Truth

10 pm

You and I do not exist

From Experience

10:30 pm

Featured singer in a song with Vertigo


The Clash House


Brooklyn, NY 11238

Date: Saturday October 11th,

Doors Open at 7pm

Tickets $10

Hope to see you there!



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