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The New American Dream


If you cannot turn your hobbies into dollar signs then you’re a failure. Welcome to the 21st century. This is the world of delusional entrepreneurs. In our culture we live by a motto written for a fictional, narcissistic, sociopath. “If you’re good at something, never do it for free,” -The joker. If someone told me just a few years ago that the motto we would be using to influence our daily lives would be by the Joker, although he is one of my favorite fictional characters, I would not believe you.


I understand that in a capitalist country only those who hustle and sell what they’re good at make it. Hell! That’s how every culture thrives. Those who are good at certain things offer their knowledge and skills for either money or trade it for something of equal or greater value. However, the problem is not in wanting to get paid for what you are good at. The problem lies in the delusion of our current society. What happens when people believe that they are good at everything that they do?


I will tell you what happens? When people believe that everything they touch turns into gold they start to put their hands on all of the things. This means that we are constantly being sold crap that the creator thinks is gold. If you are one of the people selling their used clothes online for the purchase price instead of donating it to charity don’t complain about the crap that is being sold to you daily. If you are one of the people recording and selling music that is unrehearsed and no skill required don’t complain. Don’t complain about Miley, Zoe or Kim if you yourself think that everything you touch turns to gold.


We live in a culture of instant gratification rather than hard work. This is the reason why portable toy-like instruments such as the ukulele which requires very little skill are currently popular. It is because our culture is about showing off that you are interested in something and selling off your interest rather than your skill.

“If you are good at something never do it for free.” The problem does not lie in you wanting to sell what you are good at. The problem lies in the delusion that you are good at everything you do. This is the outcome of giving our children trophies just for showing up. These children are now adults and as adults they not only ask, but they demand that they get their trophies. So now we are living in a time where everyone wants their macaroni art up on the fridge. Although YouTube, Twitter, Vine, Facebook, Bandcamp and Instagram have made the fridge 100 times larger than it ever was before there will never be enough space for everyone’s macaroni art.



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  2. Interesting philosophy… I agree. The “Every one wins” mindset leads to a detached society, and the loss of the one very thing we are here for – born into life for – which is to learn to love. Satan has a thousand ways to keep us from doing that and causing us to believe that we are each winners – or in different terms – better than everyone else – love tumbles right out the window. “I can sell my used clothes at new prices because other people are fools” – is a demeaning attitude. in fact the very mindset that money is more important than loving those we interact with – is dangerously sinful and is what leads people astray – all the while completely ignorant of what they are doing. Satan hides it from them – they are functioning and helping to create his blindfolds – and they don’t even know it. After reading your thoughts here – I think you do know it and can see it very plainly….. Keep the faith and the love…..

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