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Be an adult god dammit!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Young adults. It seems that people forget about the adult part. Being an adult is not all about what you have accomplished and how far you’ve come. Yes! Those things matter. But what really matters is that you know who you are, where you want to go and are willing to get there without excuses. Forget about all of the excuses that you use to help you sleep better at night as to why you’re not good at certain things. Studies show that your personality changes every ten years. If you’re over the age of 22 ( that’s when most people get smacked in the face with life) please know what that personality  is and stop using the years between 1-21 as an excuse as to why you’re not a better person. Only you determine what kind of person you are.
Be an adult god dammit!
So here are 3 steps to solving all of your problems:

1. Relax

2. Get your shit together ( constantly)

3. Be grateful

And always remember.
You must have equal amounts of tears shed for joy as for sadness.

Another option would be to buck up, get a backbone or  grow some balls. All or any of the above will do.Unless you aspire to be whatever you already are then good for you. Even Mother Teresa had a backbone. It takes guts and testing of boundaries to be a good person that’s good at what they do.
If you are not a strong person and think you are in fact a good person then you might just fall under the following categories:  Pushover, naive, self-centered, or even worse, nice.  Nice people are nice, but they don’t get shit done or even have the will or intelligence to get shit done. Kindness which comes from inner strength and self awareness gets shit done.

I have a back bone and am constantly bucking up. Every time I think I am strong I test myself and become even stronger. I  have yet to grow some balls, but I am sure as hell working on it.  ( metaphorically speaking of course 🙂

So please, stop being just young and start being adults. There is a reason why those two words are put together when describing our age group.

” Cynicism involves an acute self-consciousness, restrictiveness and a mater-of-factness about the necessary existence of evil.” – Mary Ann Doane

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